Labour Importation Scheme for the Transport Sector - Aviation Industry (the Scheme)

Background and Objectives

To address the acute manpower shortage in the aviation industry, the Government launched the Labour Importation Scheme for the Transport Sector - Aviation Industry (the scheme) in July 2023 to allow aviation-related companies with direct contractual relationship with the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) to import workers on the premise of safeguarding the employment priority for local workers. The Scheme covers 10 frontline non-supervisory airport job types:

  1. Passenger Services Officer
  2. Ramp Services Agent
  3. Cabin Worker
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic/ Technician
  5. Tractor Driver
  6. Warehouse Operator/ Cargo Handler
  7. Equipment / Loader Operator
  8. Customer Services Agent
  9. Aircraft Tug Driver
  10. Maintenance Technician

Eligibility for Application

Applicants shall be registered business entities which possess a contract/ license/ franchise/ passenger handling permit with AAHK to operate its business at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Applicants shall prove that, before applying for imported worker under the Scheme, they have made sufficient efforts in recruiting local workers within four months preceding their applications, but have not been able to recruit sufficient local workers for the specified job type(s).

Application & Enquiries

(1) The Scheme accepts applications from eligible applicants within a specified application period of two weeks about once every six months. The actual dates of accepting applications will be announced on the websites of the Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) and AAHK in due course. AAHK will also inform eligible companies when application is open.

(2) The first round of application for the Scheme has already closed. Applicants who wish to obtain quotas for importation of workers under the Scheme can submit applications in the next round of application. For enquiries, please contact AAHK through the following means:

Address     : Airport Operations and Facilities Planning Department, Airport Authority Hong Kong, HKIA Tower, 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong

Telephone  : 2188 6603

Fax             : 2182 9160

Email         :

Application Forms and Documents of the Scheme (Downloadable)

Forms/Documents Download
Application Form pdfAcrobat Document
Application Guidelines pdfAcrobat Document
Details of the Posts Applied (Annex 1 to Application Form) pdfAcrobat Document
Confirmation Form on Local Recruitment (Annex 2 to Application Form) pdfAcrobat Document
Table of Workforce Size of the Applicant (Annex 3 to Application Form) pdfAcrobat Document
Business Development Plan (Annex 4 to Application Form) pdfAcrobat Document

Stakeholder Consultative Group

A Stakeholder Consultative Group has been established under the Scheme, whereby representatives of the employers and employees will advise on matters related to the Scheme such as median wage level and implementation details. Please click here for its membership and terms of reference.

Other Information

For other details of the Scheme, please visit the AAHK website.